Are you a traditional publisher who pays royalties?

We are not a vanity or subsidy press. We are a traditional, independent, Christian publisher. As such, HyalineHouse pays royalties to its authors.

I have a great idea for a suspense novel about Amish werewolves who plunder the Seven Seas. Can you write it for me?

While your idea is intriguing and we'd be interested in considering it for publication, no we cannot write it for you.

However, once you have completed your manuscript and polished it, please read our submission guidelines and send it in. Who knows? It may be just what we're looking for!

Why does my book have to be polished, isn't that your job?

No. Our job is to publish quality material for our readers to enjoy.

While there may be other publishers who would accept below-standard work, we aren't one of them. We believe that every writer should be able to at least edit their own work. If you can't follow our submission guidelines then how will you be able to accept our suggestions for improving your book?

I'm interested in joining a critique group. Do you have any suggestions?

HyalineHouse believes writers need other writers. We need the imput, prayers and advice our critique partners can give us. If you're looking for critique partners then sign up for our newsletter and tick the relevent box.

Our newsletter will have updates of critique groups and the latest news.

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